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At The Art of Subcontracting we strive to support Subcontractor's with commercial aspects of their businesses, adding value with a vast range of commercial, procurement, bids and proposal requirements, while providing flexible solutions tailor made to each Subcontractor.


Below are the main services provided by The Art of Subcontracting.


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Contract Management

Cradle to grave contract administration and management, including invoicing  cash-flow, change and risk management, while focusing on Customer relationships, meeting project contractual obligations through a Collaborative approach.


Proposal Management

Cradle to grave proposal  management from initial strategy preparation and implementation to 

cold eye reviews of proposals, preparation of proposals, commercial and technical reviews or clarifications. 

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Supply Chain Management

Complete supply chain management from analytics, strategic agreements, leveraging from existing or new relationships or performing sourcing activities. Cold eye reviews of existing processes, monthly reporting with KPI's can be implemented as required. 

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Templates & Forms

​Industry standard templates and forms including but not limited to contract general terms and conditions, proposals, strategy papers, supply chain standards, procedures etc which can be customised to your specific business differentiators.


Seminar's & Presentation's

Tailor made business seminars and presentations to provide industry standards, updates, trends or training to commercial teams.

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Consultation's Online / F2F

Flexible solutions for our Clients where one off situations or issues arise. AoS offer an immediate solution with online consultations. 



Strive to provide our Customers with commercial and contractual certainty while always providing their Customers with quality services. 


Cradle to grave commercial and contractual services 

throughout various industries, through a collaborative approach with our Client ans its Customers


Prioritise the importance of both fiscal and non-fiscal aspects of our Customers contracts to ensure the most cost effective strategies are implemented. 


Implementing over ten years of experience into our Customers business, providing flexible support tailored made for the business. 

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