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Covid Effect

In terms of Contract Management, Covid-19 has caused Clients to apply a number of certain tactics and contractual mechanisms, which were not applied previously, with the effect generally impacting margins and profits, along with relationships.

It is crucial now more than ever to understand the contract conditions, liabilities, and risks prior to proposal submission, while fully understanding and applying the contract daily throughout execution.

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Tender Process

Is the Clients tender process clear and do you understand the process and procedures at play?

This may sound obvious but often there are many factors not considered when Subcontractors prepare and submit their proposals to the Client.

The flow chart demonstrates the complexity of processes to be completed prior to any project or scope award.

It would be difficult to prepare a bid strategy without knowledge of the Clients tender processes, procedures, and expectations.

Not all tender processes and procedures are the same, this could range from the type of tender, the industry sector, design or scope maturity, industry practices, government legislation's to name a few. All of which will impact the Subcontractors approach and strategy in the preparation and submission of the proposal.

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