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Interviews with ADNOC sustainability VP, Saudi Aramco head of cybersecurity

The Oil & Gas Future Forum will go live today at 12PM GST, with three panels hosting speakers from across the globe, register for free and join us for a fascinating set of discussions with industry experts.  

We will explore the most pressing topics facing our industry as we look ahead to a recovery following a historic, turbulent year. Key topics will include cybersecurity challenges and opportunities during and post-coronavirus, the relevance of OPEC in the 2020s, and the energy transition.

Panel 1: Is OPEC relevant in the 2020s?

With the emergence of the US as a major player in the global oil and gas market, and following the market crisis, industry experts will discuss how important the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries will really be in the 2020s.

Session 2: Safety in a crisis - Cybersecurity during and after the coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus has grounded people across industries, leaving them working from home. For oil and gas companies, which have extensive digital and physical assets, questions of cybersecurity are constantly arising as cyber threats shift.

Panel 3: Energy transition - Where does oil and gas fit in?

In our final panel, we will explore the role of oil and gas companies as the world moves towards a lower-carbon future. What measures are they taking, and what must be done to tread the line between profitability and responsibility?

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